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In the five years since its conception, Hastings Fat Tuesday has rapidly become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the East Sussex coastal town’s busy cultural calendar. It has now grown into a fully-fledged five-day music festival and there are exciting plans to introduce three new events into the 2015 programme, when Hastings Fat Tuesday will truly “come of age” as a music festival of national importance.


It all started in 2010 when local musician Bob Tipler teamed up with event producer Adam Daly with the ambition to create the largest Mardi Gras celebration in the UK. They had both recognised for some time that one of the greatest assets that Hastings has to offer is its incredibly diverse and well developed music scene, and so Fat Tuesday was born. Since then the mixture of family friendly and more rock’n’roll events, with great local bands appearing alongside acts of international repute (some of whom are also local), which over the years have included among others, Liane Carroll, Kitten & The Hip, James Hunter, The Ruts DC and Skunk Anansie, has proven to be an incredibly popular and successful recipe.

As is usual in Hastings, the people of the town have fully embraced the madness, colour and eclectic musical diversity of the festival. Every year the venues, restaurants and bars are more wildly decorated, bursting full of eccentric party goers, and the costumes just get bigger and better. It is also estimated that at least one third of attendees at the 2014 festival were music tourists from out of the area.

Our Local

It is well known that for a small town with a population of just over 90,000 people, Hastings punches well above its weight in terms of venues, audiences and talent. It boasts a local music scene that is more vibrant than in many British cities, and a close rival to Brighton’s, as well as having been named the most musically sophisticated town or city in the UK.

The Future

The team are already working on the 2015 festival and have exciting plans to introduce an unsigned band showcase for local, national and international acts, where festival bookers and agents from around the UK and Europe will be invited to attend, in anticipation of the 2015 festival season. We are also planning on hosting a two day music and multimedia business seminar and mini trade fair, an avant-garde electronic-music festival-hub and the re-introduction of the ever popular Preservation Sunday and Umbrella Parade.

So lots to look forward to and please watch out for updates on the usual social media channels and this web-site.

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